Canary Wharf Computer Repair .CO.UK the Original since 2011 - Our Services

Computer setuP

We can help setup your computers, tablets, wi fi printers, secure your computers.

Computer Security for Homes with Children and Business

We can help advise what security solutions are effective for family and businesses.

Computer Backup

We can advise on choosing a computer data backup service

Computer Networking

We arrange to implement wireless and cabled installtions in homes and offices .

Teaching staff

We can help staff learn how to secure them selves better on the internet and with new software releases.

IT Support

We can help your home or business by callout, telephone or remote pay as you go services or monthly plans..

IPad and Android Phones and Tablets

We can help secure tablets aand connect devices to equipment.

Internet not working on one computer

We can help find out why your machine is not connecting .